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The following papers are the unrefereed presentations as presented at the 2007 AI conference entitled: eXtreme heritage: managing heritage in the face of climatic extremes, natural disasters and military conflicts in tropical, desert, polar and off-world landscapes.

A selection of these papers will be subject to editing and future publication by Australia ICOMOS. Use of the papers as presented for legitimate research purposes should acknowledge the author(s) and the fact that they were conference papers in the form :

<Author (s)> 2007 <Paper title> Conference paper presented at the AICOMOS 2007 Conference Extreme Heritage James Cook University 19-21st July.

Any enquiries may be directed to Dr Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy conference convenor at [email protected]

Symposium on Heritage and Climate Change

Public Forum on Climate Change


The Heritage of Desert Landscapes

Extreme Experiences In Cultural Tourism And Interpretation

The Heritage of Off-World Landscapes

Archaeology, Heritage and Reconciliation in Asia

Heritage Disasters and Risk Preparedness

The Heritage of Polar and Alpine Places

Overexposed or Blown Away!… Architecture in the Extreme

Cultural Heritage Management in the Pacific

The Watery Realm – An Extremely Important Environment

Rainforest, Savannah and Reef: Cultural Heritage in the Tropics

Heritage and Human Rights

Heritage and Conflict in Europe