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The (Un)Loved Modern Conference 2009 will be held at the Sydney Masonic Centre.

One of Sydney’s most uncompromising 1970s buildings, the Sydney Masonic Centre [1974] is a prime example of the “Brutalist” style of architecture, which is distinguished by off-form concrete in a range of finishes. Designed by Joseland Gilling, it was built as the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of NSW and the ACT of Ancient, Free and Accepted Freemasons. The office tower was added in 2004 to the original design. At that time, the developer was quoted as saying: “we believe the ‘70s are back in fashion”. Some other published comments about the Centre include:

“one of the least endearing buildings on Earth … no one has ever loved it, nor ever will”

Elizabeth Farrelly

“It’s not an ugly building; it’s just an unfinished building.”

Andrew Andersons

“The quality of the construction is extraordinary; the tolerances are incredibly fine; it’s beautifully made. And very few buildings can match its interior quality.”

Harry Margalits

“Without doubt there will come a time when it is loved, and I think that time is not far away.”

Harry Margalits

The SMC building entrance is located at 66 Goulburn Street. The Centre is a short stroll from both Museum and Central train stations. Parking is available at the Wilson’s parking station diagonally opposite the building.