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Panel Sessions

Opera House Round Table
Conserving and Managing a Twentieth Century Icon

Wednesday 8 July 11.30am-1.00pm (tentative timing)

Joan Domicelj

Maria Sykes – Sydney Opera House Trust; speaking on user issues
Richard Johnson – Johnson Pilton Walker; speaking on collaboration
Jan Utzon – Architect; speaking on re-engagement issues (by video)
Susan Macdonald – Getty Conservation Institute; speaking on world heritage management
Alan Croker – Design 5; speaking on conservation
Jim Semple Kerr – Design 5; speaking on conservation
Dennis Watkins

This panel of eminent persons involved with the Sydney Opera House will open discussion of the conference themes for all participants, demonstrating the range of perspectives and the need for re-engagement with the architects and designers of Twentieth Century heritage places.

Presentation Slides
Alan Croker
Susan Macdonald
Dennis Watkins