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NSC Meetings

Keynote speech, tour and meeting of the Australia ICOMOS Intangible Cultural Heritage NSC, Adelaide, 5 November

A meeting of the Intangible Cultural Heritage National Scientific Committee (NSC) will be held in association with the Australia ICOMOS Fabric Conference. All are invited. It will include an update on activities, a keynote speaker, Mandy Paul (Senior Curator Exhibitions, Collections and Research, History SA) on Intangible heritage, difficult histories and the Migration Museum, and a specially tailored tour of the University of Adelaide Collections.

Mandy Paul’s talk will consider what impact does does migration have on intangible cultural heritage? How does a museum, established to interpret the history of migration to South Australia and to collect its material culture, document and contribute to the maintenance of intangible cultural heritage? What place does place play in remembering? And how can a museum negotiate the presentation of contested and difficult histories in the public realm? 

Over the last two decades Mandy has worked in social history museums and as a consultant historian specialising in native title history.  She holds postgraduate qualifications in history and museum studies, and her most recent exhibition and (co-authored) publication is Interned: Torrens Island, 1914-1915 (Adelaide: Wakefield Press, 2014).

The meeting venue is the Ira Raymond Room, Level 3 Hub Central, North Terrace Campus, University of Adelaide, and the meeting will take place at 12.30-3.30pm, Thursday 5 November 2015.

To register please email the ICH-NSC.


NSCES Meeting, Adelaide, Thursday 5 November 2015

National Scientific Committee for Energy and Sustainability (NSC-ES) Meeting
Adelaide, Thursday 5 November 2015

A NSC-ES meeting is being held in Adelaide before the start of the Fabric Conference. We would like to welcome all those with an interest in energy and sustainability in heritage. We encourage young members, students and young graduates to come along and join us. We invite you to actively participate in the committee and projects.

WHERE: the Meeting Hall behind the Adelaide Town Hall

WHEN: 2 – 4pm, Thursday 5th November