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Thursday 31st October

9.00am-5.30pm: Various ICOMOS International Scientific Committee Meetings
3.00-5.00pm: Meeting of the Australia ICOMOS Traditional Trades Working Group (AI TTWG)

  • Australia ICOMOS members, interested parties and conference delegates are welcome to attend
  • Please RSVP your attendance to the Coordinator of the AI TTWG Mary Knaggs via email
  • For further information about this meeting, click here
5.00-6.00pm: Australia ICOMOS AGM
6.00-7.30pm: Opening Reception in Kings Hall, Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House (MoADOPH)

Friday 1st November

9.00-10.30am: Welcome & Plenary Keynote Session

Opening Address: Robyn Archer

Keynote: Sheridan Burke
Imagineering Canberra

Room: MDR 2

Morning Tea

11.00am-12.30pm: Three Concurrent Sessions

Parallel Session F1a: Imagined Landscapes 1
CHAIR: Anne Claoue Long

Room: MDR 1

Claire Baddeley
Place, Commemoration and Design: the forgotten landscape heritage of the Australian War Memorial

Marian Walker
Avenues in Eden: Contested Sites of Cultural Identity

Jongsang Sung Ui-won
The 17-18C Joseon Scholar’s Garden of Imagination

Flavia Kipperman
Shared reality of communities neighbouring historic urban centres

Adda Gheorghievici
(Snapshot) Cultural Landscapes Romania

Parallel Session F1b: Imagined Cities 1
CHAIR: Professor Jenny Gregory

Room: MDR 3

Bruce Pennay
Imagining, reimagining and remembering Albury-Wodonga as a National Growth Centre

Kelly Henderson
Adelaide: Surveying world heritage and the Benthamite ideal city of an imagined landscape

Noni Boyd
Canberra as an Arts and Crafts city

Susan Fayad and David McGinniss
(Snapshot) The Australian Historic Urban Landscape. Heritage and Development in Ballarat

Parallel Session F1c: Transnational and World Heritage 1

Room: MDR 2

Keynote: Guo Zhan
Imagining the past, present and future of indigenous people in World Heritage Sites – Hani Rice Terraces

Ken Mulvaney and Geoff Togo
Dampier Archipelago in Perspective

Jane Lennon
Imagined futures – after agreement on aesthetic values of landscapes

Graham Aplin
Transnational World Heritage Properties: Past, Present and Future


1.30-3.00pm: Three Concurrent Sessions

Parallel Session F2a: Imagined Landscapes 2
CHAIR: Iain Stuart

Room: MDR 1

Chandana Shrinath Wijetunga and Jongsang Sung
Agricultural Heritage and Cultural Landscapes: Tea Industrial Heritage in Sri Lanka

Nora Mitchell and Brenda Barrett
Envisioning future agrarian cultural landscapes: Places shaped by the past, re-imagined for a sustainable future

Jane Lennon
Changes to Continuing Landscapes: industrialisation of Australia’s productive rural lands

Caroline Grant
(Snapshot) The Denmark Landscapes WA: What new aspirations and directions can be explored for the future?

Lionella Scazzosi
Rural Landscape as cultural heritage: some theoretical and methodological questions. Towards an International Declaration

Parallel Session F2b: Imagined Cities 2
CHAIR: Professor Jenny Gregory

Room: MDR 3

Ed Wensing
Managing Canberra’s National Heritage Values

Lisa Gervasoni
The city beautiful – from goldfield to garden: Sturt Street Gardens, Ballarat

Jenny Gregory
The limits of heritage in modern cities

Parallel Session F2c: Transnational and World Heritage 2

Room: MDR 2

Denis Byrne
The Transnational Space of Heritage

Cari Goetcheus
Gullah Geechee of the Southeastern United States: Proud and Difficult Past, Threatened Present, Imagined Future?

Amy Clarke
Scotland in Kolkata: Transnational heritage, cultural diplomacy and collective identity

Gabrielle Zhe Geng and David Jones
World Heritage Tourism in China: Challenges or Government New Orientations?

Afternoon Tea

3.30-5.00pm: Three Concurrent Sessions

Parallel Session F3a: Imagined Landscapes 3
CHAIR: Sheridan Burke

Room: MDR 2

Ken Taylor
The Historic Urban Landscape concept and cities as cultural landscapes: Canberra a missed opportunity?

Guo Zhan
The Historic Urban Landscape of Beijing: “ the Central Axis landscape of Beijing City” a potential World Heritage nomination

Rachel Jackson
Summary of Historic Urban Landscapes and Green System Papers from the ISCs Symposium

Andrew McKenzie
Reconciling urban landscape values: A case study of Ottawa and Canberra’s open space system

Panel discussion and questions from the floor

Parallel Session F3b: Imagined Cities 3
CHAIR: Professor Jenny Gregory

Room: MDR 3

Robyn Clinch
40 years of heritage studies: did we imagine the outcomes on our historic urban landscapes?

Anne Warr
The City Of The Future: Containing The Past

Gabrielle Zhe Geng and David Jones
(Snapshot) Retrieving Lost Memories of a Historic City: The Urban Historic Districts of Guozijian and Yandaixiejie in Beijing

Peter Phillips
(Snapshot) The Dark Side of building cities

Parallel Session F3c: Utopia/Dystopia – Underground Cultures in the Ideal City
CONVENOR: Lynette Gurr

Room: MDR 1

Lynette Gurr
Utopia / Dystopia – Paintings and Text

Blanche Menadier
Capturing Troy

Gavin Findlay
The Territory is not the map: Canberra’s underground culture

Panel discussion and questions from the floor

5.00-6.30pm: Reception and Book Launch

Many Voices, One Vision: The Early Years of the World Heritage Convention by Christina Cameron and Mechtild Rössler

Launched by Professor Sharon Sullivan

Venue: Members’ Dining Room/Courtyard

6.30-8.30pm: Launch of the Burra Charter Practice Notes by Professor Carmen Lawrence
CHAIR: Duncan Marshall, Chair, ACT Heritage Council

Keynote Address: Professor Christina Cameron

Venue: House of Representatives Chamber

Saturday 2nd November

7.30-9.00am: The Stromlo Observatory Breakfast

Keynote Address: Professor Brian Schmidt, Nobel Laureate

Buses will be provided for transport to and from Mt Stromlo

VENUE: Stromlo Observatory

9.30-10.30am: Plenary Keynote Session


Keynote 1: Monica Luengo Anon
The golden fleece: A future for pastoral landscapes

Keynote 2: Jane Lydon
Photography, Heritage and Indigenous Futures

Morning Tea

11.00am-12.30pm: Three Concurrent Sessions

Parallel Session S1a: The Role of Heritage in Asia’s Capitals 1
CONVENOR: Bill Logan


Tim Winter
Opening comments

Bill Logan
The Role of Heritage in Asia’s Capitals: Hanoi, Vietnam

Anne Warr
Shanghai: City of Paradox

Liz Vines
Hong Kong: A Twenty-First Century Asian City under Pressure – but heritage is being championed!

Q & A session with panel of speakers

Parallel Session S1b: Creative Imaginings 1
CHAIR: Angelina Russo


Mary Knaggs
The Poetics of Adaptation

Nerida Moredount
Too light or just right: an exploration of the role of neglect and protection of heritage places in fostering creativity

Louise Honman
Putting the Past to Work in the Present

Michael Cohen
All Artists are Liars: Hoodwinking Visitors to Interpret Historical truth

Parallel Session S1c: Creative Futures 1
CHAIR: Kate Cowie


Keynote Speaker: Sarah Staniforth
Imagining Futures for Heritage Sites on the Line

Steven Fox
“What are they doing to the old place now?” Forging a future for Provisional Parliament House

Kate Clark
Making heritage sexy – rebranding the Historic Houses Trust

Q & A session with panel of speakers


Lunchtime meeting of ICICH (ISC on Intangible Cultural Heritage). Meeting in PDR 1.

1.30-3.00pm: Four Concurrent Sessions

Parallel Session S2a: The Role of Heritage in Asia’s Capitals 2


Khoo Salma Nasution
George Town, Penang: the discreet charm of rejuvenated heritage

Colin Long
The modern capital of a modern nation: heritage and identity in post-socialist Vientiane

Kecia Fong
Imagining Yangon: assembling heritage, national identity and modern futures

Anoma Pieris
From Colombo to Jayewardenepura: the schizoid subjectivities of postcolonial capitals

Q & A session with panel of speakers

Parallel Session S2b: The Future for Heritage Practice 1
CHAIR: Prof Christina Cameron


Bronwyn Hanna
An Oral History of the Writing of the Burra Charter

Steve Brown
Earthwork as metaphor for belonging: implications for heritage practice

Kristal Buckley and Paulette Wallace
Imagining a New Future for Cultural Landscapes

Brian Egloff
Truthfulness: Not in My Back Yard – the Illicit Trade In Artifacts and the Role Of ICOMOS in UNESCO International Instruments

Parallel Session S2c: Creative Futures 2


Amy Guthrie and Rachel Jackson
Mt Stromlo Observatory—Interpreting the Past, Present and Future

Rebecca Hawcroft
Grand Narratives on the Ground: Interpreting the Canberra Centenary Trail

John Blay and BJ Cruse
Moving Forwards – After its Listing on the NSW Heritage Register, can the 265km Bundian Way bring benefits to the Aboriginal community?

Alexina Chalmers
(Snapshot) Vision versus Government – a Perspective on Local Government

Parallel Session S2d: Creative Imaginings 2


Adele Chynoweth
The Forgotten Australians: The case for inclusion of Australia’s white underclass in heritage and museum policy

Sharon Veale
Intersections: the Art of Heritage Unfolded

Martin Rowney
(Snapshot) Art and Archaeology

Wayne Johnson
Infusing the Present with the Past: Sydney Harbour Foreshore’s Program of Historical Interpretation and the Making of Place

Afternoon Tea

3.30-5.00pm: Four Concurrent Sessions

Parallel Session S3a: The Role of Heritage in Asia’s Capitals 3


Panel leader Tim Winter will lead a panel of the previous speakers of sessions S1a and S2a in a discussion of issues raised about the role of heritage in Asian cities

Parallel Session S3b: The Future for Heritage Practice 2
CHAIR: Ken Mulvaney


Wayne Applebee and Paul Collis
Strange estrangement

Anke Tonnear
“Sharing Culture”: State of the Art or Art of the State?

Tim Owen
An Archaeology of Absence (or the archaeology of nothing)

Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy
“I have seen the future and it doesn’t work”: Where is Australia’s lack of heritage vision and investment leading us?

Parallel Session S3c: Creative Futures 3
CHAIR: Angelina Russo


Erik Champion
Can the Past be Shared in Virtual Reality?

Angelina Russo
How can active cultural participation in issues related to cultural heritage be used as a driver of sustainable development and resilient communities?

Yolanda Millar and Noel Robertson
(Snapshot) City of Perth Heritage Program – Imaged Past & Managed Future

Lisa Gervasoni
(Snapshot) Ballarat Industrial Wiki – Democratisation of History and Heritage?

Parallel Session S3d: Private Enterprise Planned Cities. Panel Session
CONVENOR: Ian Hocking


Panel leader: David Logan

Panel speakers: Ian Hocking (Perth), Michael Queale (Adelaide) and Ray Tonkin (Melbourne)

5.30-7.00pm: Canberra Museum and Art Gallery Reception

Buses will be provided for transport from MoADOPH to reception and dinner and return to hotels and central Canberra

VENUE: Canberra Museum and Art Gallery

7.00-10.30pm: Conference Dinner, National Arboretum

VENUE: National Arboretum

Sunday 3rd November

9.00-10.30am: Plenary Keynote Session
Indigenous Futures-Songlines and National Heritage
CHAIR: Professor Carmen Lawrence

CONVENOR: Chris Johnston


Keynote 1: Diana James
Songlines to the City

Keynote 2: Tapaya Edwards
Introduction and showing of Martu Seven Sisters video

Panel Discussion

Panel Members: Jacqueline Huggins, John Carty, John Avery, Diana James, Tapaya Edwards

Sponsor: Context

Morning Tea

11.00am-12.30pm: Plenary Keynote Session: The Future for Heritage Practice 3
SESSION CONVENOR & CHAIR: Professor Sharon Sullivan

Keynote: Tim Winter
Heritage conservation in an age of shifting global power

Panel Discussion

Panel Members: Helen Lardner, Sharon Veale, Jacqueline Huggins, Denis Byrne, Andrea Witcomb, Tim Winter

12.30-1.00pm: Close of Conference Proceedings

Depart for Post Conference Tours 1.00-6.00pm (approx.)

*Unless otherwise indicated, all sessions will be held at Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House (MoADOPH)