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ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) is a non-government professional organisation formed in 1965.  It is closely linked to UNESCO, with members in over 100 countries, and its Secretariat in Paris.  Members in these countries are formed into National Committees and participate in the General Assemblies of ICOMOS, which are held triennially.

In Australia, members participate in a range of conservation activities, including promotion of good practice, site visits, training, conferences and meetings.  The Australian National Committee of ICOMOS (Australia ICOMOS) was formed in 1976.  It elects an Executive Committee of 15 members which is responsible for carrying out national programs and participating in decisions of ICOMOS as an international organisation.

Australia ICOMOS acts as a national and international link between public authorities, institutions and individuals involved in the study and conservation of all places of cultural significance in Australia.  Australia ICOMOS is the peak body for Australian professionals working in heritage conservation.

Places of cultural significance enrich people’s lives, often providing a deep and inspirational sense of connection to community and landscape.  These places reflect the diversity of our communities, telling us about who we are.  Australia ICOMOS advocates a cautious approach to change of heritage places: do as much as necessary to care for the place and to make it usable, but otherwise change it as little as possible so that its cultural significance is retained.

For more information about Australia ICOMOS, including membership, visit the Australia ICOMOS website.

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