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Saturday 24 April 2010

Industrial Heritage Excursion

Saturday afternoon 24 April 2010

This conference excursion to view the Industrial Heritage of Broken Hill is being organised by Dr Iain Stuart and will start and conclude at the Broken Hill Entertainment Centre. Please note that there will be no accommodation drop-offs.

Broken Hill’s mining landscape dominates the town – on this excursion we plan to take a closer look at the various mining sites along the “Line of Lode”. Most of these sites date from the program of revitalisation carried out in the 1930s. The plan is to visit the Junction Mine which is open to the public and gives good views of the North Mine and its infrastructure. We would then travel south past the remains of the Central and South Mines to the area of the Zinc Corporation mine and the Zinc Ovals and Zinc Lakes.

The Ovals and Lakes are critically important as evidence of the Industrial welfare programs of the Zinc Corporation as expressed in the sporting facilities of the Oval and the revegetation programs around the Zinc Lakes.

Negotiations to get access to one of the active mining sites are proceeding and it may be possible to drive through the Perilya Mine site (a working mine) to see the facilities at Freemans Shaft. However, strict occupational health and safety requirements will need to be met in order to access the mining site.

After touring Broken Hill, we will head out to Silverton, detouring to visit the Day Dream mine and smelter. The smelter is the only surviving example of its type in Australia.

At Silverton we will have the opportunity to raise our fluid levels at the Hotel.

All participants on this excursion are to bring the following:

  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Loose fitting clothing preferably with high collars, sleeves and long trousers
  • Sensible closed shoes or boots – no heels, sandals or thongs – the ground is uneven with numerous trip hazards …etc. A hiking pole might be useful to help maintain balance
  • Bottle of water
  • Sunscreen lotion