aicomos 2019 aicomos 2019


Oral History Workshop

Thursday 14 November,  9.30am – 12.30pm
(included in full registrations but places are limited)

Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop

Thursday 14 November,  1.00pm – 3.50pm
(included in full registrations but places are limited)

Digital Heritage Tips and Tricks Workshop

Thursday 14 November,  1.00pm – 3.50pm
(included in full registrations but places are limited)

Masterclass with the Martini Whisperer


Introduction to Oral History

What is oral history? What is its relationship to heritage, public history and memory? Who has authority to tell stories from the past? This introductory workshop outlines the development and practice of public history. It draws on some case studies of oral history projects.

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From collection search to collections as data

This workshop will explore ways of working with the digital collections of libraries, archives and museums. Focusing on Trove, we’ll examine both the limits and possibilities of traditional search interfaces before moving on to ways of aggregating and analysing collection data. How can we see and use GLAM collections differently? There will be a number of hands-on exercises, so bring along your laptop, creativity, and tricky research questions.

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Lost or found? Intangible cultural heritagE

Is intangible cultural heritage now part of ‘place-based heritage practice’ or is it still lost in the wilderness?

Join the Australia ICOMOS National Scientific Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage (NSC-ICH) to unearth the intangible cultural heritage of place through selected case studies. Discuss what tools, techniques and guidance are needed by heritage professionals today, and contribute to a review of the Practice Note – Intangible Cultural Heritage and Place that was launched in 2017.

A brief AGM for the NSC-ICH will be held at the end of the workshop. All welcome.

Presented by: Australia ICOMOS NSC-ICH

Masterclass with The Martini Whisperer

Modernism, Machines, Migration and Memories distilled into a glass

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Phillip Jones is a leading advocate, educator and awards judge of craft spirits, and in this engaging talk he’ll share four stories from this world. The industry has seen a global renaissance in recent years as old expressions of gin, vodka, whisky and rum have found new voices inspired by place, the environment and their cultures.  The stories of the distilleries, and the people who craft their spirits are as varied as the places they are located, from the inner city, to remote rural settings. Delegates will also enjoy samples of the curated selection of spirits during the presentation for an immersive experience.