aicomos 2019 aicomos 2019

Special Features

Conference Band

“Company B” is the aviators favourite close harmony quartet. Delighting airshow and veteran audience since 2013 in their previous iteration as “Davey T and the Aces”, their mellifluous crooning will take you on a trip down memory lane. With a passion for the history and music of the Swing Era they take inspiration from the likes of Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters, McGuire Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Glen Miller, Vera Lynn, and the Chordettes. Known for both – replicating and bringing a contemporary twist to the classics – and a vintage variation to contemporary tunes. They’ll bring a tear to your eye as our sweet renditions bring back memories of yesteryear, or perhaps encourage you to leave your seat behind and step out onto the dance floor!


CONFERENCE Artists-in-Residence

Fred & Flo are UK Frederick and Caren Florance, occasional art collaborators with common interests in print, music and materiality.

Frederick has a long-term interest in mobilities and their material cultures, particularly as they are reflected through creative expression. Her first flight was across the Pacific.

Florance is a typo-bibliographic artist who explores myriad forms of creative publishing from zines to artist books using old and new technologies. She hates flying in small planes. 


Conference Communicator-in-Residence

James Kightly

Known as ‘Vintage Aero Writer’ online, James Kightly has been writing globally on aviation preservation and history for over thirty years. Currently a professional Commissioning Editor and feature writer for Flightpath magazine in Australia and Aeroplane Monthly in the UK, he has also commissioned and written for a wide range of other journals. Not a pilot, engineer or an academic, James’ main role is to bridge between the various specialisations of aviation and history and the public, conveying specialist insights to a wider audience. James will be chairing Session 8 ‘Vintage Aircraft Operation’ and (at his trademark high speed) also talking about his ‘Year of Aviation Illustration’ in 5 minutes!