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Rhianna Patrick

Rhianna Patrick

Rhianna Patrick

It all started with the SR-71: How my avgeek obsession began

From borrowing a book at my primary school library on the SR-71 to hanging out with my cousins at RAAF Base Amberley, aviation and its history has been a common thread in my life, even if I didn’t realise it.


Rhianna Patrick is Torres Strait Islander woman with 20+ years’ as a media professional. She has worked across Indigenous media, communications, radio, television documentaries and news.

Rhianna has a broad range of interests ranging from Doctor Who, to the world of archaeology and is also an avid avgeek.

She used to co-present CanvasWings , with her husband David – a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of Australian aviation history, which was also broadcast on ABC digital Radio once a month. Rhianna currently presents a national ABC Radio programme which is broadcast out of Brisbane every Sunday night from 6:30pm.

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