Pre-Conference Workshop

SUMMARY INFO – Pre and post conference tour information

A special pre-conference workshop will be held in Levuka World Heritage Port Town from 29 September to 2 October (two-day workshop on Sunday and Monday). At the workshop heritage experts from the Pasifika region, assisted by selected international heritage experts, will work towards setting the foundations of the Pasifika Charter. The workshop conclusions will be presented as a forum discussion during the conference. During the workshop Levuka will be used as a case study to test the principles and guidelines of the ideas developed by the participants for the Pasifika Charter.

The Charter will have the same goal as The Burra Charter: the Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance, 2013 (known as The Burra Charter) and the ICOMOS New Zealand Charter.  A working group will be formed during the workshop, which will continue working on the draft charter and consultations for approximately two years. It is hoped that the final Pasifika Charter will be launched at the ICOMOS 20th General Assembly, which will be held in Sydney in 2020.

The delegates participating in the Levuka Workshop will be self-funded and are required to organise and pay their own registration, travel and accommodation expenses (visit the Accommodation page for some information about options in Levuka – visit the Royal Hotel website for more information.). However, the Conference Co-convenors are currently seeking government and corporate funding and there may be an opportunity to subsidise travel expenses of the participants from the Small Developing Island States, if some funding can be secured.

The participants from the Small Developing Island States are asked, along with other heritage officers and practitioners from all the Pasifika region nations, to provide the readily available (if any) heritage management guidelines currently used in their respective countries. These existing guidelines will be used by the Workshop Committee for the preparation of a baseline document ahead of the workshop to assist in drafting the Pasifika Charter.

The Levuka Pasifika Charter Workshop Committee consists of the following ICOMOS members and will be assisted by Kerime Danis, Convenor, 2018 CULTURE Conference:

  • Chris Johnston (Australia ICOMOS)
  • Jean Rice (Australia ICOMOS)
  • Gerald Takano (US/ICOMOS)

NOTE: This Levuka Workshop is limited to 50 participants only, with 50% of the places to be allocated to ‘Pacific Small Island Developing States’ heritage practitioners and officers. Attendance will be on a first-come first-served basis, with priority given to delegates with appropriate expertise to achieve the best outcome from the workshop.   

Images below are from the Levuka Workshop that Australia ICOMOS held in 2015.