Managing Heritage

Successful Public Private Partnerships for People, Place and Practice: Recent adaptive re-use projects by the National Trust of Australia (WA)

Premiership Room B, Melbourne Cricket Ground 06/10/2016 11:30 am - 11:50 am

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Kelly Rippingale

The successful adaptive re-use of a heritage place requires a clear understanding of the values embodied in that place, along with respectful deliberations of proposed new works, to deliver sustainable outcomes without compromising heritage values.

The National Trust in WA has successfully completed a number of substantial adaptive re-use projects in recent years. Each has enabled a viable and appropriate new use that will have contributed to, rather than detracted from, the values of that place.

Five case studies will show how when a compatible new use is found, it enables the stories of the place to be appreciated by an audience not seeking a heritage experience yet appreciative of the values embodied in its authenticity.

For the Trust in Western Australia successful partnerships have presented a way forward for these significant but neglected places. As examples of best-practice adaptive re-use they have enabled much-needed conservation and upgrades to meet contemporary standards along with an income to provide for long term, ongoing management.