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2001 Making Tracks

Making Tracks
From Point to Pathway: the Heritage of Routes & Journeys

This conference aims for a broad understanding of Australian cultural routes. This will include their physical form, extent and patterning in the Australian landscape. It will also examine how routes are made and used, for a wide variety of social and cultural purposes. The focus is on routes in Australia, particularly in Central Australia, but it will also highlight case studies from the Asia-Pacific and global contexts as part of ICOMOS’ international initiative. Making Tracks is a conference for people who are involved with heritage places – owners, managers, researchers, interpreters and visitors.

Venue: Alice Springs Resort, Central Australia

Date: 23-27 May 2001

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Notes on contributors of papers to the conference can be accessed here.

Papers presented at this conference can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Making Tracks – From point to pathway the heritage of routes and journeys
Sandy Blair

‘… these Aboriginal lines of travel’
John Mulvaney

Culture and geography – South Australia’s mound springs as trade and communication routes
Colin Harris

A certain trajectory – the journey of Aboriginal cultural material in the Strehlow Collection
Brett Galt-Smith

Heritage route along ethnic lines – the case of Penang
Ghafar Ahmad & Izzamir Ismail

The Frankincense Route – A proposed cultural itinerary for the Middle East
Myra Shackley

Vietnam’s Highway No. 1 – corridor of power and patrimony
William S. Logan

Nelson Mandela and the ‘White Man’s War’ – two new cultural routes in South Africa
Andrew Hall

The Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site – a Canadian cultural route management approach
Guy Masson

Protecting routes of national significance
Bruce Leaver

The Great Ocean Road – from where to where
Rachel Faggetter

Making tracks
Laina Hall

Making tracks on the Mornington Peninsula
Ursula M. de Jong

Tracks to the Era Beach shacks
Malcolm Garder & Diana Garder

Suburban routes and tracks
Meredith Walker

Norfolk Island trade routes
Jean Rice

Tracking Through Australian Forests
Juliet Ramsay & Marilyn C. Truscott

Paroo tracks – water and stock routes in arid Australia
Michael Pearson

John McDouall Stuart and the great North Road
Ken Henderson

The Significance of the Route across the Blue Mountains in New South Wales
Ian Jack

The Blue Mountains walking tracks heritage study
Jim Smith

Making corrugations – a cultural journey
Anne Warr

40 Sheds and 40 kilometres – a heritage tourism project
Ros Derrett & Justin St Vincent Welch

The Cobb & Co story – trails and tales
Heather Nicholls

The Golden Pipeline project, Western Australia
Thomas Perrigo

Alliances, Linkages and Challenges – the Queensland Heritage Trails Network
Penny Cook

The Convict Trail – a community project on the Tasman Peninsula
Rosemary Hollow

Tracks tricks and truth – heritage routes and tourism
Lyn Leader-Elliott

Tourism tracks and sacred places – Pashupatinath and Uluru. Case studies from Nepal and Australia
Hilary du Cros & Chris Johnston

The pilgrim’s track – an Indian experience
Alan Croker

Ancestor tracks though art
Lyn Moore & Tracey Andrews

Cognitive Journeys to Cultural Identity – The Maclean Story
William Boyd, Maria Cotter & Jane Gardiner

Conclusion_Making Tracks – key issues about the heritage of Australian routes and journeys
Sandy Blair, Nicholas Hall, Diana James & Lee Brady